With the advent of ECR and Category Management businesses are now required to supply not only great analysis and insights from data but also planograms. The creation of retailer specific layouts has become essential and even macro store space analysis may be necessary to secure your category space.

Merchandising - Retailworx Retail ConsultantsWith almost 20 years' experience in this area working across such diverse channels as Grocery, DIY and Electrical/Electronics we can provide your business with a cost effective and insightful suite of planograms or store layouts which can potentially deliver double digit growth.

Our services include the full range of services including:

  • Capturing and creating existing planograms
  • Analysing planograms provided through a retail contact
  • Building new planograms based on retailer specific and/or market data
  • Building a professional live image library and product database

Good retailer knowledge is vital to ensure you base your planograms on their individual current requirements which evolve and grow ever more challenging.

Retailworx with its extensive network can provide guidance that can prove vital in ensuring your investment in planograms is actually realised and maintained on shelf which is often the biggest challenge...

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