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UK Multiples Data

Competition finally arrives in the Northern Ireland retailer data market. Retailworx as part of an exclusive partnership with Symphony IRI Group provide local suppliers the opportunity to purchase data from 5 major retailers including Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury, Iceland and The Cooperative.

NIgroups Retailer Data

In addition to the Multiples retailer data we also provide a new and unique source of Off trade data by combining the sales of 68 stores from 5 Retail Groups comprising of Wine Flair, Curleys Wine Cellars, Wineworld, ANJO wines and NEW in 2012 The Wine Company. For the first time suppliers can get an understanding of the vast majority of the Off trade market in Northern Ireland and measure the impact of their promotional investments and brand building activity.

The data from both services can be supplied at a high level of detail with a variety of delivery options to suit the client's budget of weekly data at barcode level.

Please ask for an individual quotation.

What makes us different?

Retailworx is uniquely positioned to merge both SIG & NIgroups and other data sources into one single read of the local market using our own proprietary software solution Category Fusion.

We can ...

  • take all current and previous data sources and merge them into a single data source
  • segment the data to reflect the clients own perspective of the consumer
  • make changes and updates to segmentation instantly, no bi-monthly delays
  • provide excel analysis specific to the clients requirements using our own custom reports
  • provide the raw data fully coded in Excel for the client further interrogate the data


Syphony IRI Group (SIG)

The data can be proved in several formats;

  • InfoScan - an aggregated read of the 5 retailers combined delivered 4 weekly or quarterly
  • National Account Data - individual retailer data delivered either quarterly or 4 weekly
  • Sales Web - an online portal for suppliers to access and track the sales activity of their own products within hour of the transactions


All 3 sources provide weekly data with the core value, units & distribution information plus unique additional insights

Beyond simply providing a high quality and efficient data delivery platform SIG can provide unique analytical services such as promotional analysis, product cannibalisation and new product launch tracking to name but a few.

Working on behalf of our clients with SIG, Retailworx can identify and negotiate a specific data package to replace an existing data source or enhance existing sources.

When renewing your data contract we would encourage you to contact us and ensure you have a full knowledge of the options open to your business before committing to a new contract...

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