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As a business we are both developers of client specified applications and local resellers of globally distributed software packages.

Developers – Currently we are completing our second major bespoke solution, this time for a major global client. Merging radical new ideas with the latest development environments and our many years of experience in the merchandising area we have conceived and created something unique.

Our team has managed the complete project and worked with our highly skilled partners to create a team capable of delivering our clients a cutting edge solution and competitive advantage.
If you have an idea no matter how vague or conceptual at this point please feel free to contact us and discuss it in confidence...

Resellers - Finding a local business with knowledge of all the leading global space management software solutions is a challenge. Retailworx has been involved with or represented Nielsen Spaceman, JDA Prospace, Aldata Apollo and RGIS Storplanner during the past 13 years giving us an in depth knowledge of each solution and a unique advantage in advising clients.

Currently we represent RGIS Storplanner (macro planogramming) solutions. Whether your interest is software purchase or a one off project we can assist your business.
Even if you only need to chat through potential projects or get some basic knowledge of this area then please feel free to contact us...

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